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There are many different photo releases and other documents available here at Jim's Photos. Each document has a specific use. Read the description below and choose the document best suited for your needs Some situations require more than one. If you have the lastest version of Adobe Reader, you can now fill out and sign the form(s) online and e-mail them directly to me! Also, see my photo session e-mail if you didn't receive on yet.

.pdf file General Photo Contract (.pdf)
This consensual document is a general contract used mostly for Groups and Team/Group photo sessions. This document outlines how the sessions take place and how the images are handled after the session. This is used for stating the services will be rendered, the payment terms, and other pertinent parts of the agreement that should be secured in writing. It’s definitely a good thing if a photographer is providing you with a contract. It means you and them are equally committing to the services that are to be provided.

02] .pdf file Standard Adult Release w/addendum (.pdf) | .pdf file Standard Minor Release (.pdf) | .pdf file Standard Senior Photo Release (.pdf)
These consensual documents are used for Induvidual Portraits, Senior Photo or Modeling sessions. A Model/Subject release is a legal document in which the subject grants his or her written permission for the photographer to take the pictures and publish the images on a website, or piece of marketing material. A subject release is short and uncomplicated, consisting of a couple of legal paragraphs and a small form for the subject to fill out. The form should include the subject’s name, contact information, and the signature/date of the subject. Be sure to read Jim's Photos, LLC Terms and Conditions detailing the services that will be rendered, the payment terms and other pertinent details of the photo sessions. Your safety is assured. All photos and videos are uploaded to my on-line photo galleries were you will be able to view, purchase and download your photos! Privacy options and concerns can be discussed in advance.

03] .pdf file Photo PRINT Release (.pdf)
Consensual document. For some digital images, you will need permission to have the photos printed depending on copyrights and other factors.

04] .pdf file Photo/Product Delivery (.pdf)
This agreement establishes that all products have been delivered and been accepted by the Client. Upon signing this agreement all sales are final. You agree that all products and services have been delivered as outlined in the original photography services contract.

05] .pdf file Welcome To Jim's Photos (.pdf)
Informational document that welcomes you to Jim's Photos and describes the basic photographic services offered.

06] .pdf file Terms and Conditions (.pdf)
This informational document contains Jim's Photos, LLC Terms and Conditions concerning photographic sessions and shoots. This document outlines how the sessions take place and how the photographic images are handled after the session.

07] .pdf file Modeling Photos (.pdf)
Informational document that describes Jim's Photos Modeling sessions and how these work.

08] .pdf file Photo Contests (.pdf)
Informational document that describes how most photo contests work.

09] .pdf file Photo Contest Guidelines (.pdf)
Consensual document that details information needed to enter photo contests.

10] .pdf file Wedding Checklist (.pdf)
Informational document with checklist for most weddings.

11] .pdf file Lost Memories - Prints
A good informational document with an article on why photo prints are so important.

12] .pdf file Photographer Checklist
Informational document containing tips and other information to use when choosing a photographer.

13] .pdf file
Jim's Photos - Ordering Prints and other neat stuff (.pdf)
Here is a quick tutorial on how to order photo prints, digital downloads and other things from Jim's Photos.

14] .pdf file Jim's Photos Business Card (.pdf)
Digital version of Jim's Photos Business Card

15] .pdf file Adobe Reader - Most of these documents are in Adobe .pdf format. Use this to download Adobe Reader if you don't have it.


Experienced models are familiar with model releases (perhaps more familiar than photographers are) and will expect a photographer's request to sign the papers. Others may be surprised by such a request, and the photographer may need to do some explaining, or even some bargaining, to get the signatures. Basically, the releases give the photographer permission to photograph the Model/Subject in connection with some promotional consideration. Additionally, it shows that both the Photographer and the Model/Subject are serious about doing the photo session. Here is an explanation as to why the photo release is important and beneficial to both the photographer and to the Model/Subject.

At its heart, every photo release says the same thing:

  1. I have given the photographer permission to take pictures of me and use them for commercial purposes.
  2. In exchange, I have gotten something of value.

Along with the Subject’s signature and a date, these two statements would be enough to constitute a bare-bones, but entirely legal contract. In actuality, a contract records a “meeting of the minds” and, to be complete, must contain three elements:
1) An offer, 2) An acceptance and 3) A consideration.

Offer. Often, the subject is offering to give the photographer permission, along with a promise not to complain about things later on. Most of the words in the release are there to describe exactly what the subject is willing to permit and not complain about.

In some cases, (e.g. where the photographer is working with professional models), the photographer is offering to pay the model for their services, and granting the permissions in the release is one of the conditions that must be met before the photographer will make or take payment. Likewise, the subject could be paying the photographer for their services so the same conditions would apply. However, in most cases, there is a trade agreement (TFD/P) between the subject and the photographer. The subject will pose for the photographer in exchange for receiving some of the photos. The photographer can use the photos for display or promotional purposes.

Acceptance. Where the photographer is using unpaid subjects, their behavior (their making or using the photos, or accepting the signed release) indicates their acceptance. Where they are paying their subjects, your signatures show that the offer was accepted.

Most releases have space to write the subject’s address and to place a witness’s name. These are not legal requirements, however. If there are no witnesses and the subject declines to give an address (or gives you only an email address — it has happened), the signed release is still a contract. It is useful to get the subject’s address. The photographer my may want to contact the subject later on. For another, you want to make it clear that the John Smith who signed your release is the same John Smith whose photo you took.

Consideration. A contract is complete only if value is exchanged. Consideration is the legal term for whatever the subject has gotten in return for the permission. A TFD/P session would be a good example of value that is exchanged.

It could be money; it could be tangible goods; it could be a promise to do something in the future, such as use the photographer's best efforts to get the photo published and thus increase the subject’s renown. But it has to be something that has value, at least in the subject’s eyes. The releases do not say what the consideration actually is, but they say that it exists and has value. Again, the subject’s signature is an acknowledgment of the value.

When shooting in the field, it can be awkward to approach people and ask them to sign a release. But it becomes less awkward if the photographer offers something tangible, yet tasteful - sometimes it can be handing out business cards and offering to mail a print from the shoot. Not only might this engender some good will, but it could lead to future business for the photographer.

Formal language. Most releases are longer and more formal-sounding than the bare-bones statements above. There are a couple of reasons why.

  • By spelling out the nature of the permission in detail, the release makes it harder for the subject to claim that he or she didn't’ intend to grant quite so much permission.

  • The use of formal language alerts the subject that this is serious stuff and can’t be lightly repudiated. In court, this would help reinforce the fact that the subject really did intend to give consent.

  • It shows that both the Photographer and the Model/Subject are serious about doing the photo session.

Further points of contract law

Competence. Not everyone is legally able to make a contract. Signers have to be able to understand the consequences of their acts. That means they must be of legal age and of sound mind. A minor who signs a release can repudiate it when he becomes an adult, or his parent can repudiate it for him. In general, the legal age for entering into valid contracts is 18, though younger persons can, in certain circumstances, get a court order that makes them legal adults.

The “sound mind” requirement can be tricky. Crazy people can seem quite sane, and neither senility nor mental retardation are necessarily obvious in a brief conversation. Just as you need a parent’s signature on a minor’s model release, you need a guardian’s or conservator’s signature on a release for a legally incompetent person.

Illegality. The courts won’t enforce a contract for illegal activity, or one that is contrary to public purpose. For instance, in some circles, a few dollars’ worth of hashish might be welcomed as the “consideration” element of your release — but a court of law isn’t likely to see it that way.

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